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Scenario Books/Supplements for Division Commander

Note: The Division Commander rules, as well as packages including the core rules with supplements listed below are described here.

Fall Gelb & SeeLoewe
Scenarios for the Invasion of France: 1940 and the Planned Invasion of Great Britain


30 pages – 1.38mb PDF Format – $14.99 Buy Now Button

Includes scenarios for The 1940 Airborne Operations in Belgium and Holland: The German Attack at Dinant; The German Attack at Sedan; The British Counter-attack at Arras; The French Counter-attack at Abbeville; plus a complete boardgame of the planned German invasion of Great Britain.

SeeLoewe was specifically designed to generate miniatures games. The rules system purposely encourages one or two large and important battles, instead of hundreds of little counter-against-counter skirmishes, which would be impossible to play out on the miniatures table.

Panzer Operations
Following the 6th Panzer Division in Russia


16 pages – 2.01mb PDF Format – $14.99 Buy Now Button

Includes nine Division Commander Scenarios for WWII in the Soviet Union, 1941-1943.

Panzer Operations provides you with the most famous, and the most typical, division level battles in Russia. Included are the breakout scenarios of 1941, the sieges of Leningrad and Moscow, the desperate attempts at relieving Stalingrad, and the sweeping battles of the Steppes at Kursk and Kharkov.

Normandy – The Great Assault
Western Allies Return to the Continent


20 pages – 2.68mb PDF Format – $14.99 Buy Now Button

Includes nine Division Commander Scenarios for WWII in Normandy, 1944: Assault on Utah Beach; US landing at Omaha; Race to Caen; Operation Epsom; Operation Goodwood; St. Lo; Operation Cobra; Operation Luttich; and Operation Totalize.

Normandy – The Great Assault includes rules to expand Division Commander to cover amphibious invasions, such as pre-invasion bombardment, tides/drift/disruption, and paratroop drop zones/deviation. Rules to facilitate solo play are also featured.

Objective Tobruk
WW2 in North Africa Dec. 1940 to June 1942


15 pages – 1.77mb PDF Format – $14.99 Buy Now Button

Includes nine Division Commander Scenarios for WWII in North Africa, December 1940 to June 1942: Operation Compass; Operation Brevity; Operation Battleaxe; Operation Crusader – Bir el Gubi; Operation Crusader – Sidi Rezegh; Tobruk Breakout; Operation Crusader – Sidi Rezegh (pt 2); The Cauldron; and First Battle of El Alamein.

In many respects, the battles of North Africa are the optimum scenarios for the Division Commander ruleset. Areas are wide and forces are small. Whole battles can be fought with relatively few miniatures and in a reasonable amount of table space. The advantages of flanking maneuvers, layered defences, and armoured breakthroughs are all emphasized in “the desert.” Objective Tobruk expands on the existing Division Commander ruleset and supplements, continuing to illustrate the differing troop concentrations, operational considerations, and scope of the various theatres of the European War.

Pacific – The War Against Japan
Scenarios and campaign for the Second World War in the Pacific (1941-1945)


26 pages – 2.91mb PDF Format – $14.99 Buy Now Button

Scenarios for The Assault on Hong Kong; Guadalcanal; Tarawa; Saipan 1944; Leyte, Philippines 1945; Okinawa, 1945 are featured, as well as a campaign game.

Operation Olympic is a three scenario campaign covering the American invasion of Kyushu; Operation Coronet covers the invasion of Honshu and the encirclement of Tokyo. The two can be played separately or as a linked campaign.

Special Package – All Five Supplements


Fall Gelb & SeeLoewe, Panzer Operations, Normandy, Objective Tobruk, and Pacific

10.8mb PDF Format – $59.99 Buy Now Button