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Division Commander Errata

  • Scenario 1 (Counterattack at Arras) includes a reference to a German card 4000. This should read G4006, which is the German 5th Panzer Division.
  • Division Card A4404 – Resolution is listed as 4 but Resolution for all the units in 9th Division should be 3.
  • Due to a missing page, versions of Division Commander purchased between January 20, 2005, and January 18th, 2006, are missing details regarding the HoldBroken, and Withdraw rules. The missing page (and a corrected Table of Contents) may be downloaded hereNote: Any versions of Division Commander sold prior to January 20, 2005, or after January 18th, 2006, include the page and corrected TOC.
  • The cover of the Division Commander supplement “Fall Gelb & SeeLoewe” states five scenarios are included; this is an error, as the supplement includes four scenarios.