Flower of Chivalry

A Guide to the Late Middle Ages

80 pages – 55.7mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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A wide variety of information for the wargamer and minaturist interested in European warfare from Stirling Bridge (1297) to Bosworth Field (1485). Contains background, campaign information, minature rules, army lists, and 13 detailed scenarios. The scenarios can be played with any set of medieval rules, but detailed conversions are given for Tactica Medieval, DBA, and WRG 7th Edition.Flower of Chivalry is an attempt to provide gamers with background on strategy, tactics and campaigns, miniature rules, and conversions to other systems; plus detailed, balanced scenarios for the 14th and 15th centuries.

A gamer with some miniatures can jump right into the period with accurate, interesting scenarios. Gamers will also have the necessary information to understand the features of warfare that are critical and how they changed through time. While primarily for the minatures gamer, there is plenty of information for anyone interested in the period.

Special attention is given to what-ifs and three battles (Bannockburn, Agincourt, and Bosworth Field) receive a full-fledged alternate interpretation.