For God, King, and Country

A Guide to the English Civil Wars


72 pages – 43.1mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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A complete booklet covering the English Civil Wars–Naseby, Marston Moor, Edgehill, and the Scottish Battles–Simple rules with the right feel.

Musket and Pike units are represented separately, and cavalry has the right tenuous feel. The scale and scope of the game allows even the large battles to be played in a few hours.

History, organization, weapons, and tactics–A simple yet revolutionary rules set with ten scenarios and a grand campaign.

Includes Causes of the ECW; The Armies; Uniforms and Standards; Strategy and Tactics; Miniatures Rules; The First Civil War; Edgehill; Cropredy Bridge; Marston Moor; Naseby; Montrose and the War in Scotland; Tippermuir; Aberdeen; Second Civil War; Preston (Solo Scenario); Third Civil War; Dunbar; Worchester; a Campaign Game; Lutzen