Great Battles of WWII Vol. 1

The Canadians in Europe


80 pages – 48.1mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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Covering large battles… Each stand represents a company, with manoeuvre elements being battalions. The scale and scope of the game allows multidivisional actions simulating weeks, not minutes.

Canadian history, organization, weapons, and tactics–Includes eight scenarios: Dieppe, Agira, Ortona, Juno Beach, Falaise (Totalize I, Totalize II, and Tractable), and Hochwald

Includes Legacy of WWI, Infantry, Tanks and Anti-tanks, Artillery, Tactical Ground Support, Combined Arms Tactics, German Tactics, Unit Organization, Canadians at War – Miniatures Rules, Operation Jubilee – The Raid on Dieppe, Sicily and Italy, Agira, Ortona, NW Europe, Operation Overlord – Juno Beach, Totalize I, Totalize II, Tractable, Totalize and Tractable Combination Scenario, Hochwald Layback

Note: Although included with each volume, The Great Battles of WWII rules are also available separately (i.e., without the scenario or reference material provided in the GBWWII Vol. 1, 2, or 3 books):

24 pages – 629kb PDF Format – $9.99

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