Great Battles of WWII Vol. 2

Drop Zone


76 pages – 46.3mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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Each stand represents a company, with manoeuvre elements being battalions. The scale and scope of the game allows multidivisional actions simulating weeks, not minutes.

History, organization, weapons, and tactics–Includes nine scenarios and two grand campaigns

Includes Development of Airborne Operations; Organization and Weapons; Great Battles of WWII – Miniatures Rules; Special Rules for Drop Zone Scenarios; Crete; Galatas; Retimo; Heraklion; Maleme; Malta; Operations Mercury; D-Day and Pegasus Bridge; Pegasus Bridge (Solo Scenario); Operation Market Garden; Eindhoven; Nijmegen; Arnhem; Grand Campaign – Market Garden

Note: Although included with each volume, The Great Battles of WWII rules are also available separately
(i.e., without the scenario or reference material provided in the GBWWII Vol. 1, 2, or 3 books):

24 pages – 629kb PDF Format – $9.99

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