Rockets Red Glare

A Guide to the War of 1812


80 pages – 55.3mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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A wide variety of information for the wargamer interested in the War of 1812, which highlights Napoleonic warfare at a manageable scale. The book contains background, minatures rules for naval and two land scales, detailed and balanced scenarios (10 land and 11 naval [including the land/sea scenario at Plattsburg]). The included scenarios can be played with any set of Horse and Musket rules, and orders of battle are provided at skirmish and battle scale.

Includes Causes of the War; Theatre of War; Combatants; Tactics; Uniforms and Flags; War on the Seas and Great Lakes; Miniatures Rules (Battle Scale/Small Unit Scale/Naval Rules); Miniature Gaming the War of 1812; Wargame Scenarios (1812-Stumbling to War, 1813-Struggle and Stalemate, Naval Scenarios, 1814-The Shoe on the Other Foot); Bibliography