The Whites of their Eyes

A Guide to the American Revolution


80 pages – 55.1mb PDF Format – $15 – Sample Pages

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History, Tactics, Uniforms, Flags, 11 Scenarios, and a Campaign Game (plus a min-scenario on the Assault on Quebec–which can be played as a board game).

Note: The book does not include the rules included with Habitants and Highlanders or Rockets Red Glare; one of which will be necessary to play the scenarios.

Includes AWI Causes, Strategy, and Tactics; Uniforms; Flags; 1775; Lexington and Concord (Solo Game); Bunker Hill; 1776-1778; Long Island; Trenton; Brandywine; Germantown; Saratoga; Monmouth; 1779-1783; Cowpens; Guilford’s Courthouse; Yorktown; The Citadel of Quebec; Washington and Howe (Campaign Game); Using other games as a campaign system; Advanced Command Control Rules; Figure Tally